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Susan Scotts

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Franchise Match


Franchise Match is an exclusive web application that allows people seriously considering franchise opportunities to start their discovery process online, at no charge. The idea is to get people thinking about franchising as a way for them to meet their Goals, Needs and Expectations. Franchise Match is designed to be a central hub and learning center for people who want learn about hundreds of franchise opportunities.

In order to assist with this discovery process, Franchise Match has aligned with the nation's largest network of business and franchise coaches that collectively make up The Entrepreneur's Source. With over 140 coaches, within the US and Canada, these franchise coaches have agreed to virtually assist each of our web visitors with this important decision making process.

This no-obligation franchise coaching interaction is designed to ensure that the goals of our visitors are combined with the vast education and experience that The Entrepreneur's Source Coaches possess. The result is a more educated decision by those sincerely interested in pursuing franchise opportunities. Click here to start the easy five-step process of Franchise Match!